Gary Mancuso

mancusoDirect line: 310-940-7789 | Santa Monica, CA

gary-mGary Mancuso is an author, entrepreneur, and investor who has worked most of his career in the financial arena. He guides clients to a sound financial strategy, whether they’re in the mid-career wealth-accumulation stage of life or looking to harvest the fruits of a lifetime’s work and enjoy a stress-free retirement.

While working on his BA in economics, Gary started out in the mortgage department of a large California S&L. He became a regional leader within six months, establishing a stellar reputation in commercial property investment lending. Later, while working as an independent mortgage specialist, he earned a master’s degree in international political economy at the University of Southern California. He then headed business development in the foreign-exchange trading room of a major regional bank, pioneering a software-based service that outsourced and automated foreign-currency payables for intellectual property (IP) law firms. His service set the standard for IP law firms in handling foreign payables.

Gary’s success at the bank, augmented by shrewd personal investing, allowed him to leave his position there after ten years and pursue a lifelong dream. He embarked on a six-year global expedition to many of the last remaining intact cultures and great wildernesses on earth. His highly praised memoir, The Last Places on Earth: Journeys in Our Disappearing World, went on sale in summer 2014.

While promoting his book, Gary met many people who asked him how he could take off for so long and finance his journey. And an idea began to take root. While there was no shortage of “experts” offering financial planning and advice, he saw a real need for clear-talking, straightforward financial strategies that would enable people to fulfill a lifelong dream—as he had done. So, joining forces with veteran financial coach Alfie Tounjian, CFP®, a radio and television talk show host with over three decades experience, Gary embarked on the next major journey of his life: helping others achieve their life dreams through creating a bedrock-sound financial plan geared toward security, lifetime income assurance, and asset preservation in these increasingly uncertain times.