We help create retirement income strategies for people in or nearing retirement to help you achieve financial confidence and independence.

We oversee the financial affairs for our group of families in Southwest Florida.

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Advantage Retirement Group

Advantage Retirement Group was founded by Alfie Tounjian, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. Our headquarters are located in Fort Myers, Florida. The firm focuses on retirement income planning and post-retirement financial solutions. In addition, the group is an advocate for risk-reducing solutions by informing and assisting retirees on strategies to help protect and preserve their financial security and the ability to plan for an income to last the duration of their retirement years.

As financial professionals, our mission is to coach people to help them realize their true purpose for money. Coaching goes beyond typical financial planning to help you identify your financial philosophy.


Meet Alfie Tounjian


Alfie Tounjian, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, RFC®, is the founder and president of Advantage Retirement Group and founder of Tounjian Advisory Group, LLC.

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